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Rag Blue Jean Baby Quilt
Re purposed country denim jeans with red and white gingham cotton backing make up this rugged little denim quilt. Jean colors range from light blue to black. Square colors are randomly pieced. 
This is a two layered denim quilt stitched and edges "ragged" with care. Each square is sewn with a traditional "X" through it.
The quilt measures 36" x 41"
A soft comfy country patchwork quilt that is great for many uses at home or on the go.
Great used as a picnic blanket, a stadium quilt to sit on or as a wind breaking wrap. Perfect lap quilt at home for anyone in your family!
Also great used as a play blanket for babies. The texture of the ragged edges will stimulate those little hands.
The size and weight of this quilt makes a perfect warm lap throw for special need adults, children or chair bound friends. The ragged edges keep fingers engaged and calmed.
Quilt has been washed once to start the fraying process of the edges.
Care: Machine Wash/Dry Safe

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