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Teddy bears, monsters and rag dolls are offered in many shapes and sizes. They are cuddly and warm made from soft plush tactile fabrics. Used to comfort and in play for children and adults.

Teddy bears are round plush and cuddly soft made from soft fleece.

Monsters and rag dolls are created with a sensory experience in mind for those challenged with dementia to calm fidgeting hands and also children who enjoy exploring the bodies created from textured fabrics such as vinyls, leathers, yarns and heavy weight fabrics.

Unique rag dolls and monsters are safe for children and enjoyed by collectors. Dolls are created in many skin tones, stimulating body fabrics with fun hair, arm, and leg choices.

Each bear, monster and rag doll is created individually and uniquely.

I hope you find a new best friend from this collection.

Not intended for children under 3 years of age.