Children's Thrummed Warm Winter Mittens with i-Cord to Attach to Childs Coat


Children's warm winter thrummed mittens with i-cord.

Thrummed mittens are mittens that have pieces of wool roving knit into them with the roving ends to the inside and loose. Over time as the mittens are worn the loose ends conform to your hands and naturally bond (felt) together to form an extra layer of warmth for cold winter days.

This pair of mittens is hand knit from black multi colored flecked wool. Inside are lots of thick "thrums" of bright ice blue wool hand dyed from Falkland roving.

Includes a 27" i'cord to attach to child's coat.

An i-cord is a knit string that is attached to each mitten then threaded through your child's coat. No more lost mittens! Easy to find and easy on/off.

Will fit most children approximately 6 years depending on their size. Please see exact measurements below for the best fit.

Cuff: 2.5"
Top of Cuff to Top of Mitten: 5"
Total Mitten Length: 7.5"
Flat Across: 3"
Thickness of Each Mitten: 1.5"
Wool Item: Hand Wash Flat to Dry Only

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