Brown Teddy Bear


Plump and plush brown teddy bear.  Hand made bear for anyone desiring plush texture and durability.

My teddy bears, fidget dolls and monsterare each unique and one of a kind. You'll find a range of types and styles from absolutely wild to serene and sweet.

Measures 11" from top of ears to bottom of feet and 9.5" across.
Bear is created with faux fur. Polyester fiber filling.
Muzzle, nose and eyes are felt and machine sew. All sewn securely for lots of years of loving!

Those with special needs can be calmed or engaged by different textures. Seniors struggling with Alzheimer's find comfort and keep hands busy in exploring forms and texture also. All my monster and bear dolls are created with this in mind.

Stop by often to see "who's" new!

My bears, monsters and dolls are all durable sewn with no small parts (unless mentioned in individual listing). They will be appreciated by all ages but are not intended for children under 3 years of age.

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