Hand Woven Country Area Rug Rag Rug with Brown Fringe


Brown hand woven country style rag rug. A thick, heavy, absorbent country rag rug. It combines country farmhouse beauty with usability. Tightly hand woven using thick medium to heavy weight fabrics and sisal. Brown acrylic yarn fringe is added to each end. This is a one-of-a-kind rug.

Twined rag rugs are great used in high traffic areas to absorb that mud/dirt and wetness before it is tracked into the house.

They are great used in high traffic areas that call for cushy comfort, durability and country charm. Bathrooms, the kitchen sink area, and even at your bedside to launch tired feet off to sleep ....are just a few examples.

This rug measures: 25" X 36"x 1/2" thick.

Fringe measures approximately 3".

Hand woven from all new materials.

Front washer safe. Flat to dry.

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