Fiber Art Monster Doll Fidget Monster Plush Doll


Mabel is a red hot little monster that has lots of textures for engaging dementia, alzheimer's  or any busy hands. A handmade sensory plush textured doll.

Mabel 's big red heart is on her back side and looks like it is beating strong! On her front she wears red hot chili pepper patches and is sticking her tongue out.

She measures 19" from top of her tuff of "hair" (faux fur) to tips of her chubby legs. Her body measures 9" x 11".

Ready to ship one of a kind doll.

Those with special needs can be calmed or engaged by different textures. Seniors struggling with Alzheimer's  or any dementia related illness find comfort in exploring forms and textures. All my bears monsters and dolls are created with this in mind.

My fidget dolls are all durable sewn with no small parts (unless mentioned in listing). They will certainly be appreciated by all ages but they are not a toy and not intended for children under 3 years of age.

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