Two Pack Rice Bags Handwarmers


Pack of 2 Hot Cold Rice Bags 
Each Bag measures 4" x 4"

Great used in application of nail wraps.

Also one of the best and most naturalistic ways to bring relieve to muscle/joint aches and pains.  Apply moist heat to the injured or sore area. Rice is moist warmth when heated.

When chilled it is a neat clean encased cold to relieve swelling. Created with heavy weight cotton fabrics. Very pretty bags that are softly textured and will be durable for years of use.

- Bags are sewn with serged or dbl seams
- 100% pure natural long grain rice
- Bags are unscented
- Heating instructions included

Microwave - High 1-2 min
(this depends on rice bag size and your microwave)
Keep one frozen at least 1 hour in zip bag
- Never heat bags unattended
- Never immerse Rice Bags in water


- Use to heat nail wraps
- Deliver hot warm moist heat to stiff necks, arthritic joints, migraines, pulled or tight muscles
- Deliver cold relief to injuries without the messy melting ice
- Safe for young and young at heart
- Use at home, office or travel
- Relief from least to most persistent pain
- Relief for children's boo boos to chronic adult painful conditions

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